"For conventional results, take a conventional approach."

The conventional strategy of buy and hold with a predetermined mix of stocks and bonds based on your age has a few fatal flaws. It assumes that what is true today will hold true into the future. The stock market is dynamic and ever changing. The emergence of computerized trading and hedge funds has created a landscape unrecognizable to an investor from the 1950's. Why then is most investment advice based upon principles from that era?

Our unique approach combines a global perspective seeking to identify supply and demand inefficiencies. We then take early investment positions to capitalize on longer term cyclical trends. While our global macro approach is designed to put us on the right side of a developing trend, we couple that with a number of technical tools to assist with timing the purchase and gauging market sentiment.

Ships still require captains, just as portfolios require management. We take active steps to manage your portfolio in turbulent times. There is no replacement for a seasoned, forward looking manager.